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Aug. 14th, 2010 06:57 pm
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√ - friend
Ω - undecided/neutral
♥ - slept with
∩ - disliked/enemy

Character Relations.
Arthur { Inception }
[ √ ♥ | active ]
Arthur is one of the few people Eames trusts with his life. Their banter and longstanding rivalry may seem to be overbearing and bordering on hate, but there's few in the world that Eames won't hesitate to travel across the world to help. The marriage curse put a bit of a strain on their relationship, though, so things are pretty awkward right now.
Robert Fischer Jr. { Inception }
[ Ω ♥ | active ]
Eames is undecided about Fischer - he's an easy mark, but the Fischer job has effectively sheared a couple years off his lifespan. He feels for Fischer, but he doesn't intend to care for the man - though it seems he's having problems with this.
Dominick Cobb { Inception }
[ Ω | active ]
There is a strong love-to-hate relationship between Eames and Cobb after the inception - for Eames' part, it's with regards to the amount of information Cobb kept from the team. He still respects the man, and will definitely work with him again in the future, but he did punch Cobb in the face for the whole fiasco when he got into Amat. It's perfect conflict resolution, really. Then Cobb died and came back, what is this game even.
Ariadne { Inception }
[ √ | active ]
Ah, the darling of the team. Eames finds her to be the little sister he might have never had, and while he has no issue with Cobb's having hired her, he does have a bit of an issue with her being on a sex island for ridiculous reasons. Like not being able to veto whoever hits on her, for one.
Saito { Inception }
[ √ | active ]
He definitely likes Saito - a man with style and the attitude to do something about it, Eames finds a sort of professional kinship with him. That he managed the dream-sharing with little difficulty for a first-time tourist is impressive to Eames, and if Saito calls up for a job again, he's certainly thinking twice about taking it; the best people to work for are those who inspire respect, after all, and respect is knowing they can beat you in your own game.
Texas { Red VS Blue }
[ √ ♥ | active ]
Eames likes Tex; she's sharp, she's independent, and she's a take-no-prisoners sort of lady. He feels a bit awkward about the fact that she's a widow, but he doesn't mind it if she doesn't mind him.
Amy Pond { Doctor Who }
[ √ ♥ | active ]
He adores Amy, which is a sad thing because she's engaged. Eames feels a strong kinship with her, and he enjoys her open honesty and curiosity. Amy's possibly the first friend Eames made on the island, and there's very little that he would refuse her if she asked.
Georgia Mason { Newsflesh Trilogy }
[ √ ♥ | active ]
Georgia's the type of woman Eames dances around, because she seems the type to catch on really quickly when it comes to games. He likes her a lot, though, even if her guardedness puts him off a bit. Officially the first girl Eames honestly dated in the game.
Lisa Garland { Silent Hill }
[ √ ♥ | active ]
Eames finds Lisa tragic, and feels for her, thinking that she's just like the rest of the team - a girl trapped in Amat!Limbo. He's made it something of a personal promise to see her rehabilitated from her drug dependence and get her grounded on some sort of reality, but is worried in thinking that she may also be someone's shade in the dream. Her killing Cobb makes things a little strained, but it's nothing he can't handle.
Neil McCormick { Mysterious Skin }
[ √ ♥ | active ]
Oh, Neil. Eames is so conflicted over Neil because of his physical similarity to Arthur, but that's as far as it goes - Neil is nothing like Arthur. Eames finds Neil's point-blank frankness both charming and disturbing, and sometimes finds himself wishing Neil was about five to seven years older. Didn't stop him from sleeping with him, though.
Spencer Reid { Criminal Minds }
[ √ | active ]
Reid is entirely too funny to Eames, not for bad reasons. The way that Reid navigates social interactions is so awkward that it manages to not be awkward. Eames also enjoys making the man fluster. A lot.
York { Red VS Blue }
[ √ | active ]
Possibly the first scruffy man Eames met through the network - which automatically makes him like York. York warned him right off on hurting Tex, which was amusing, annoying and brave all at once, and ever since Eames has been looking to develop a friendship with the guy. Also, scruff grooming tips.
Brendan Frye { Brick }
[ Ω | active ]
Eames enjoys keeping Brendan on his toes - the kid earned it, being the first to figure the team out much closer than anyone else has without any team member showing their hand. Their little gamble ended up in Eames owing him a little favor in the form of Emily, which he gladly took. They don't like each other, Brendan and Eames, but they can definitely work together.
Emily Kostich { Brick }
[ √ | active ]
Emily is a typical teenager - if she spoke like a hardboiled detective from the 1960s. Eames has an idea why Brendan asked him to keep an eye on her, but whatever the fallout comes to when Em finds out is none of his business - he likes her, and he feels a little sad for her, and he can stand being used by a kid if it means being able to hold something over Brendan someday.
Jamie Crawford { The Demon's Lexicon }
[ √ | active ]
This little blond floofball started it. What began as a joke ended up in Eames' somewhat-but-not-quite "adopting" him and Mae as "grandchildren", after the hilarity of the glittering walking sticks. Eames has grown fond of Jamie, and is hoping he and his sister make it back home soon.
Mae Crawford { The Demon's Lexicon }
[ √ | active ]
Mae strikes Eames as the more headstrong of the Crawford siblings, and rightly so, when Mae warned Eames off right away about... well. They ended up being more familial than even Eames expected, and he feels a little proud of them every time he sees they're both okay.
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