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What: The first time Arthur and Eames met
Warning/s: language, mature situations, TBA

North America, United States, New York. Eames would have preferred to meet someplace else more amenable to his itch to gamble. New York moved too fast, had too many signs and places and shapes that formed a dark shadow on streets at night time. It was a beautiful city in its own way - but it made Eames feel claustrophobic.

Eames grew up in Leeds; fields were a drive away, real fields with grass and odd animals mingling with the trees, where you could lose time sitting under the damp sky and never worry about being left behind.

New York wasn't like that.

Cobb, though - he was American. This was his playing field, even if he'd developed a good part of his technology in France before relocating to the United States with his French-born wife. They were famous, or infamous depending on who you asked - pioneers of the technology Eames had taken to like a duck on water.

Dream-share didn't need you to read a lot of words. All it had was a twenty-three page manual on the PASIV device and a shiny suitcase. Push and go. Then you let your imagination run free. It was perfect.

Eames loved it.

He'd been a forger in real life, at least - he faked papers, conned his way into companies to steal things like information, or secrets; he'd done identity theft until his trail got hot enough to be noticed; he gambled and got in trouble and he somehow manages to charm and talk his way out of it every single time. His luck will run out eventually, Eames knows - then the declassified technology hit the black market, and Eames found a new calling.

That's how he finds himself in New York, waiting for Cobb and the rest of his persons to arrive. Jetlag had made him overshoot the timing, so he'd arrived a little earlier than intended.
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